Essential Oils

As we bless the earth, so the earth blesses us. The plants of this earth supply us not only with oxygen (the trees), nutrients (vegetables and fruits) and beauty (the flowers), but also with their healing power (herbs).

The company doTERRA has gained these wonderful essences from plants, which are grown coherently, lovingly and sustainably, and makes them available to us. You can order them here:

„Let the foods be your remedies, and your remedies be the foods,“ said Paracelsus. The essences nourish both body and soul, at the same time.

Also before the age of the chemical industries, people knew how to help reduce pain and improve well-being.

The essencial oils of plants are extremely nourishing, healing and furthermore extremely fragrant. The scent itself can relieve discomfort. The effect on the skin or tongue is yet again quite different and surprisingly powerful.

These essences have an amazing effect! Unlike injections or infusions, which are directly conducted into the veins, or acupuncture which sometimes painfully perforates the skin, here is a possibility to apply a high effectiveness with non-invasive procedures: Wellness and Healing Effect meet.

The higher the purity of cultivation, harvest and processing, the stronger the Devas of the plants are willing to give us their blessing.

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