Bhajan Evening

Bhajan Evening

Singing spiritual songs together, such as Mantras, Kirtans, Indian and international Songs for the purpose of heart opening, harmonization and reconnection. I have instruments here like guitar, harmonium, cymbal, drum…

“Shravana” – “Listening” is an important part of the recommended spiritual path. It doesn’t mean primarily listening to stories – although sometimes I might tell some… – more important is to listen with the heart. Devotion can be heard. When you can hear it, you begin to feel it. When you can feel it, you begin to approach it in amazement…

Singing is an opportunity to train to open the heart, as a flower opens its petals. This is not only for singers and musicians. Even if you can’t read music or if you don’t trust your voice, you may come: It’s not for the voice but for the soul. First, you listen with the heart, later, you listen to the heart.

Often, the texts are not complicated at all: we simply repeat the Divine Name.

The Vedic scriptures say, to repeat the Divine Names is THE one recommended sadhana (spiritual practise) for this era, which they call the „Kali Yuga“, the darkest of the four ages. Indeed, it’s a beautiful uplift, it enhances the mood and blesses not only who participates but also the whole space around.

Wednesday 7 – 8:30 pm on, April 17 2019

On a donation basis; recommendation 12 to 25 Euro according to self-evaluation

(*Spiritual teachers traditionally live on donations. Since Hamburg is a city of merchants, in which some people feel uncomfortable if they don’t get a guide price, I have named one here. Karmic energy balance is basically recommendable, but there are always situations in life in which there is simply no money. In such cases, it is better to come anyway – maybe the problem is transformed during the Satsang … Summarized: I am grateful for donations, but they are not a must. A single euro given with love is worth more to me than a hundred given with reproach.)