Feedback Feldenkrais

“That one could work with the other side and then transfer the movements mentally – that was an important insight for me.” (29.5.2019)

“I can walk again!” (15.04.2019)

“Did you see? I just gave you two thumbs up. How can I not be relaxed all my life, but after a single hour here, I can? I don’t understand that. The pain is gone, the tension too, and I feel sooo good. I always want it that way! (11.4.2019)

“I was in real pain when I got here. It’s gone now! Now I want to do the next class, too.” (01.04.19)

“It was really great again! We are so super glad that we have you!” (27.03.19)

“Feldenkrais gives me a much better feeling for my joints. I’ve fallen to my knees twice recently, for example, but I can still walk and do everything! I’m amazed. The others too. Maybe nothing has changed at the joints themselves, but how I deal with them. I can move more freely, I am more free inside. Through Feldenkrais you become more free inside”. (21.12.18)

“My shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore!” (25.05.17)

“When I arrived, I was in stress. And now I am completely relaxed. Such a difference to before… amazing! (14.03.16)

“One year and a half younger!” (26.06.19)

“Feldenkrais is like sadhana to the body.” (Gangaji 2009)

“Good, each time again.” (15.07.19)