Peace Prayer

Every first Sunday of the month (except August), I do a Peace Ceremony for all countries in the world. For each country, a prayer is spoken. It takes a good two hours, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

It is a great chance to practice the Divine Spark IN. Those who have already learned it, are welcome to practice it. If you don’t know it yet, you are also very welcome and can simply participate ‘as a child’. To receive a transmission of the Divine Spark IN requires a different time frame. (If you are interested, please make an appointment!)

The ceremony may include in the first part – for instance – a cleansing meditation, reading texts loudly, reciting a four-line peace prayer together and performing different “INs”. An IN is a gesture prayer – a cosmic sign language – in which thought, movement, breath and sound form a unity. The first part of the ceremony serves the alignment and the re-connection to the unity with God.

In the second part, the flags of each single country are shown, so that the first line of the prayer for peace can be spoken together. With a little less than two hundred countries, it takes about one hour for the whole world.

The energetic field thus created is exceedingly high vibrating, purifying and energizing.

Finally, the energy that may have been consumed in sending out the Peace Energy, is replenished by a Light Shower that is poured out from the sanctuary of Fuji Mountain to all practitioners.

Afterwards there is usually a little soup, so wonderful high vibration can resonate, and we enjoy being together.