Mandala Practise

Can joy be created? Love? Consciousness?

The answer is YES.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word and denotes a circular, geometric, concentric image. In this practice the mandala is not painted but written. It is an exercise for concentration, an increase of frequency and a process of creation.

A lightful word is chosen, e.g. “love”. The writer enters the state of “love”, and in this state writes the word spirally outwards into the circle, repeating it over and over again. In a coherent unity of thought, intention and action, this inner state is brought to paper, thus into visibility, into the world of form.

According to the law of attraction, the frequency one sends out will also return to oneself. This is the process of creation. The “love” that you have sent out during the mandala practice will return to you and manifest as a feeling of love in your life.

The mandala practice is a training to focus attention on what you willfully determine and to hold it there.

On a donation basis; recommendation 12 to 30 Euro according to self-assessment.

(*Spiritual teachers traditionally live from donations. Since Hamburg is a city of merchants, in which some people feel uncomfortable if they don’t get a guide price, I have named one here. Karmic energy balance is basically recommendable, but there are always situations in life in which there is simply no money. In such cases it is better to come anyway – maybe the problem will be transformed during the Satsang … Summarized: I am grateful for donations, but they are not a must. A single euro given with love is worth more to me than a hundred given with reproach.)