Divine Spark IN

This gesture prayer, about one-minute-long, is a cosmic sign language that adresses our inner divine spark which lets us be alive and reconnects us with our divine origin.

This gift of the universe is always passed on free of charge.

The “Divine Spark IN” goes back to the ascended Master Goi Sensei in Japan, who is no longer in the body, and was first received and transmitted by Masami Saionji. In the year 2017 it took 3 persons, who had executed the IN 3500 times each, to transfer it to someone. Later, only one person who had done it 3500 times was needed. And in the meantime, the morphogenetic field has become so strong that one can already pass it on after having executed it only 70 times. However, it should be carefully checked against the written document before passing it on.

It is with great pleasure that I am ready to pass on the “Divine Spark IN”. I received it in 2017 from Keiko Ito from Tokyo (Japan).

The Divine Spark IN downloads light. It causes an immediate increase in vibration. This has a healing effect in different ways: It serves as an energy supplier or ‘gas station’, as a harmonizing instrument and as a blessing for all beings – not only for humans, for example also for the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom or the heavenly kingdoms.

It is the youngest of several holy “INs”. The other two most important “INs” are “Ware soku kami nari-IN” (“I am a Divine Being”) and “Jinrui soku kami nari-IN” (“Humanity is a Divine Being”).

If you want to learn an IN, please make an appointment with me. There are documents available in English language, and a translation into German.

A regular possibility to practice the INs is during the monthly Peace Prayer Ceremony, every first Sunday of the month at 11:00 a.m.. (Except in August, and the January date sometimes shifts by one week, because of New Year’s Eve).