Essentially, there are 3 possibilities: 1. You determine what you want (You lead), 2. I test what your system wants (I lead), 3. Our conversation determines what wants to happen (who leads varies in a flow). None of it is “better” or “worse”. If nothing special is agreed upon, it would be no 3.

Here is a selection of treatment offers as an inspiration:

Organ check

In this body scan, you get a reflection of your current physical condition – which can be important e.g. before a journey, an operation or a detox project. You will find out which organs are strong and which are weak – in percentage numbers. Finding suitable support measures would be the next step. You want an overview about your health? Here it is!


Using a bio-tensor or kinesiological muscle test, it is easy to find out what the body and subconscious need. Example: The next steps of therapy, allergy triggers, intolerances of food or medicine, etc. Expensive laboratory analyses can be replaced by this. You get clear answers!

Ceragem Massage

Relax for 40 minutes on an electrically powered thermal massage bed. Hot jade balls travel right and left along the spinal column to straighten the spine. Deep tissue is reached by infrared light. The jade stone is a healing stone. A fountain of youth!


Getting rid of metabolic slags is a classic way to better health. Kidney stones or gallstones can be excreted painlessly. Intestinal cleansing is recommended against allergies. Detoxification is possible via herbal combinations, infusions or other measures, depending on the type of poison – in the case of a mercury detoxification, there shouldn’t be any more amalgam in the mouth. Simply ask!


The method is also known as “Zen Body Therapy”. In this powerful, selective body massage, pain points in tense tissues are triggered and melted down by the focussed breathing of the treated person. It’s not very comfortable, but very effective. Here you “get to know yourself”. After 10 sessions you have certainly reached a whole new level of health!

Craniosacral Osteopathy

The craniosacral rhythm is one of the strongest deep resources – it is called “Breath of God”. Where there is a CSR, the self-healing powers are at work. While I speak to the cells of a diseased organ, changes take place in the tissue. Depending on what is agreed, the treated person can learn about the exchanged information if he wishes – but this harmonizing method also works completely in silence.

Trauma treatment

Past trauma can affect an entire lifepath. I offer four different approaches to diliver from the painful past. EMDR helps to process even deep-seated traumas in an amazingly short time. Such sessions require the proper timing. Don’t be afraid!

Scar interference removal

Scars can be interference fields and healing blockages. This can be changed by injection or other measures. To remove the interference scar removal is a prerequisite for more subtle methods such as meridian massage. It may be part of a trauma healing treatment.

Functional integration

This is a treatment according to Moshé Feldenkrais: A pleasant, relaxing, deeply personal experience, that has a beneficial effect on many levels. In contrast to group courses, here, the full attention of the practitioner is available. “Only if you know what you are doing, can you do what you want.“ (Feldenkrais quote) A beautiful way to self-awareness!

Pranic Healing

The method of “Pranic Healing” goes back to GM Choa Kok Sui. The energetic body is purified and enriched with prana and light frequencies. The special form of Prana Psychotherapy has a positive effect on all kinds of difficult states and can also solve long-term psychological problems. Yes, there is a remedy!


The positioning or ‘constellation work’ goes back to Bert Hellinger. Sometimes, the cause of a difficulty lies in the system, e.g. a family system or a company system. An organization chart, arranged with simple means, reflects the relational dynamics, and thus engender insights, new perspectives and conflict resolutions. It is harmonized by Shakti balance. Changes in the exemplary field correspond to changes in the real world. Estonishing results!

Energy work

Even more hidden obstacles, such as healing blockades, karmic entanglements, vows, curses, prenatal disturbances, astral contracts can be transformed. This requires special help from the spiritual world, as available in Shakti Balance. With Divine Grace even seemingly hopeless patterns can be resolved. Forgiveness is the key. The sequence is: First recognize, then resolve!


To clear a current life issue, I offer a simple talk. I can hold the space for processes, answer questions, offer efficient tools (e.g. NLP, visionizing, dream analysis, meditation, guiding the focus, EFT, rise the frequency, clear blockages, time-travel), or assist to apply them.

Telephone sessions

Sessions on video are possible, if agreed upon. The technical side should be cleared. Internet and Video are available. I am looking forward to you!


80,- Euro per hour (80 = approx. 90,- US Dollar and 70,- GBP)
Special arrangements are possible.

The goal of the treatment and the costs are usually agreed upon before we start. There are private health insurances or supplementary insurances which cover the costs of alternative practitioner invoices, toltally or in part. Ask your health insurance, if this applies to you.