Feedback Yoga

“This, I have remembered: The connection between heaven and earth, and to be centered in the heart. I remember it again and again”. (15.1.2017)

“Your class on Thursdays usually lasts well: Immediately afterwards I always feel great anyway. I go then charged into the weekend. The Monday is often also still good, but with the work it is just not so easy. Often Tuesday isn’t so great anymore, and Wednesday I think ‘How good that tomorrow is Thursday again, and I can do yoga again…’ ” (29.3.2019)

“How can I get on with my yoga practice at home? I have been eating vegetarian food for two years now, which is very good for me. Now I meditate daily, in the morning. Can I come for a single lesson once?” (23.3.2017) ANSWER: “Yes, of course!”

“I have the feeling you are … somehow … how shall I say … everywhere in the room … although you are standing in front there.” (27.10.2017)

“The substitute teachers are all nice and good – and it’s great that the course isn’t cancelled! – but this loving presence of yours is something very special, it simply cannot be replaced”. (7.2.2019)