Satsang in a women’s circle

Satsang means ‘Being together in Essence’. The underlying silence of all there is, in which the sound of being and wholeness can resound in its utmost purity, opens the space for one’s own Self.

In a middle part, there is space for speaking. Satsang also means ‘speaking from a place of truth’ in the present moment.

The essence of being is not different for men and women, so it is unusual to call something ‘satsang’ to which only women have access. And yet, this is exactly what wants to come into being here: a holy, protected space, in which the pure being resounds, and in which sensitive women’s issues may emerge from their hiding place and distortions may relax.

The idea to bring this into life has matured for ten years, and now the time has come. I look forward to it with so much joy!

Fridays 7 – 9 pm, in general every three weeks:

26. April, 17. May (Happy Yoga Days on Sylt), 7. June, 28. June, 19. July, (no Satsang on 9. and 30. August), 20. September, 11. October, 1. November, 22. November and 13. December in the year 2019

In Hamburg. On a donation basis; recommendation 12 – 30 Euro according to self-evaluation*.

(*Spiritual teachers traditionally live on donations. Since Hamburg is a city of merchants, in which some people feel uncomfortable if they don’t get a guide price, I have named one here. Karmic energy balance is basically recommendable, but there are always situations in life in which there is simply no money. In such cases it is better to come anyway – maybe the problem will be transformed during the Satsang … Summarized: I am grateful for donations, but they are not a must. A single euro given with love is worth more to me than one hundred given with reproach.)