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Chakras seminar: “That was a great seminar! I used to give them myself and I know what it means. I was so clear afterwards, really great. And the script, so carefully – really very beautiful. Actually there should be many more people coming! (RA 22.02.19)

Pilates: “Super Course! Please come back!” (TN 08.01.2019

Shakti Balance: “That was nice. I was far away for longer periods. It was very deep. I noticed that something was moving in the energy field, here (points to the different areas) here and here. That did me good. I can hardly put it into words. I was amazed how well you could hold the field. Every now and then I was far away, and when I came up, I noticed how reliable and stable you were. I don’t know what happened, but it was a lot. I feel much more stable than before. Yes, I really feel much better now. Thank you! (ML 16.5.2015)

Self-healing course: “There were four wonderful parts of the seminar which were built on each other and which were all guided by you with devotion, care and caution. Your self-healing course has helped me to realize on how many levels pain and illness can affect body, mind and soul.By pointing out possible causes, I was able to look at my pain from a completely different perspective. The suggestions. Possibilities and alternatives to change things “SELF” and “CONSCIOUSLY”, I accept gratefully. The instructions and informations to read again and do-it-yourself give a good motivation to take good care of yourself. (AG 28.06.2019).

Aroma-Touch-Massage: “I am wonderfully refreshed. My system has recharged.” (MH 14.08.19)

Journey: “Thank you for your warmth, your laughter, your trust. Thank you that you exist. You are my happiness. We love you.” (JM 14.10.11)

Recommendation: “Dearest O’Shana, a true, warm, deeply cheerful thanks for the loving help you have given our friend. Thank you Thank you to you for this gift. Thank you to the universe / God / the angels that you exist. (TN 30.4.19)

Satsang: “This evening has touched me deeply! (AG 05.04.2019)