Shakti Balance

This new healing method was founded in 2015 by Sarva Shakti Devi Dasi and O’Shana together. It is a very powerful method of Energy Healing, which can be applied to any kind of problem, on any level, in any size and any form, be it gross or subtle, up to completely abstract structures.

Sarva Shakti Devi Dasi, a dedicated Krishna devotee, came to my house at a time when I had very little strength and a lot of time due to breast cancer. Through her daily prayer, the resounding of the Divine Name in my home all day long, and the prospect of healing the feminine energies in us and in the world, my body and soul recovered.

We tried the method on each other – she too had gone through tough times. We also had the priviledge to gain experience with friends and acquaintances who entrusted themselves to trying it out. Over the years, so much evaluable material was obtained, that I got to know the method to the core. By now, hundreds of people have been treated through Shakit Balance. It has become an indispensable part of my work.

My confidence in this technique corresponds to my other experiences of Divine Power: There is NOTHING that cannot be healed by the powers of the Supreme Creator … if it is meant to be so…

It is not necessary for the treated person to be a believer. Also animals, plants or buildings can be treated with this tool and flourish again – or families, companies, whole landscapes or countries. Through this method, it is not possible to cause any damage.

It is a huge Gift of Divine Grace that has been bestowed upon us. In great humility and gratitude, I urge the reader to accept it. Now the time has come to use it increasingly for others and – if desired and possible – to also pass it on.