Healing of a Place

There are places where most people feel comfortable when they get there. In some old houses, properties or landscapes, things are different, and every visitor feels uncomfortable. Many people are scarcely aware of subtle perceptions, and yet, bodies react quite fundamentally to energetic frequencies, because all life consists of frequency.

Such “dark energies” are mostly based on injuries or lovelessness of the past, which can be transformed. Because, as with all suffering, it almost always goes back to ignorance and can therefore be forgiven. The phenomena are different: From bodiless souls, who do not yet find their way into the light, to programming within the landscape and buildings, up to unredeemed bloodshed, offended forces of nature, astral influences or interrelations of even different kinds.

Through meditative loving contact, the singing of mantras and bhajans, vedic or shamanic rituals – resp. through divine grace – such places can be purified. Then, the spontaneous flourishing, which is the natural state of every living site, takes place again.

Large projects should be tackled in groups, for example areas where much blood has been shed. I am connected with numerous healers (such as geomants around Marko Pogacnik, God-brothers and -sisters of the Sai-organization or other Energy-Healers), with different competences, who are well qualified to carry out such transformations.

Just get in touch – then we will see together what is needed for this particular case: https://www.o-shana.de/contact