This powerful healing method is purely subtle. It is based on the knowledge that the world consists of nothing but frequencies and that matter is much less solid than most people assume. The Shakti Balance harmonizes everything alive and allows it to thrive – especially the female and male principles.

Poeple descibe the experience as extremely healing, sometimes uplifting, relieving, reconnecting, sometimes energizing, enlightening or relaxing. The need to rebalance the feminine energies within us and in the world is obvious: When mothers heal, the whole world heals.

NOW is the time to apply the Shakti balance widely and – if desired and possible – even pass it on. The Shakti Balance behaves like divine powers: There is NOTHING that cannot be turned around by the will of the Supreme Creator…if it is allowed to be…

No matter how small or big, also animals or plants can also be brought back into balance, or families, companies, countries. Not only body, mind and soul, but also any abstract problem can be harmonized – on any level, to any extent and related to any shape, pattern or structure. Fortunately, it is not possible to cause harm with this procedure, as all-knowing, all-loving forces are at work. As soon as the practitioner’s attitude lacks of respect, empathy and kindless, the method ceases to work.

What an incomparable gift of grace I was allowed to receive here – of course not just for my own use. With great humility and gratitude, I encourage you to understand the extent of the blessing of this door that has just been opened here for you.

Online-Sessions are possible. If you feel called in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me!